Fallen Blooms
When I was thirteen years old, I did not worry about where my life was going. I did not worry about my future, my safety, and my happiness being taken away. I would go to school in the morning, study whatever I had to in classes, eat my lunch that my mom packed for me with my friends, and come home to my siblings and mom. I would sometimes go out after school to meet up with my friends at the mall to hang out with them. I would sometimes go to church to have fellowship with my other friends. Then, I would come home to eat dinner with my family and go to sleep at night. There was no such thing that I had to fear about while doing all this in my daily life. My duty as a young girl and a student was to bloom my youth, and study for school.
That is what a thirteen-year-old girl is supposed to be doing.
Whereas, tens of thousands of teen girls during the World War II had to live through the extreme fear and danger to their lives. Most of them did not make it. They lost their lives after going through numbers of tortures and rapes. They bled, got sick, got slayed. They did not deserve to be taken away from their families and friends. They did not deserve to be sexual slaves giving up their bodies for evil men all day every day for years. They did not deserve to bleed from getting tortured with sharp swords and nails. Even if some of them survived, that did not mean happiness and freedom. Some of them got their bodies so ruined they never were able to have their own babies again.
Imagine your little sister was full of excitement with an opportunity of excellent career to support her family, but ends up getting locked up… Imagine your little niece was full of hope and love but all of sudden gets kidnapped, and ends up getting locked up… With us not knowing what had happened to her. There is no way to get her back. No information about her, no technology to help her. We just have to wait and wait until this war of world to end, hoping her to survive and come back. But even if she comes back, she’s not herself anymore… Nothing but the sorrow has left in her body and soul and that’s how she will live every day until she closes her eyes.
They were so young, so full of energy, with hopes and dreams just like any other girls in any country. They were like flowers that just started blooming in their most beautiful season of life. Those flowers had fallen and never bloomed again.