Where Do We Go?
While we were locked up inside comfort stations, the girls on the other side of the world would have been chasing their dreams. The beautiful time of teenagers growing up with full of hopes and dreams shine so sparkly, but we couldn’t picture that in our lives hidden under the evil shadows. That period of time we were put in dark sorrow only taught us how to endure the sleepless nights with unexplainable pain. The blanket of dark souls painted us black inside which rotted and festered.
After the World War II ended, we were thrown into the real world on our own. After losing our youths and blooming years, we suddenly had to know how to be adults. With our impoverished bodies and metal health, we continued suffering. Not one of us did not have physical and mental trauma from being tortured and raped. A lot of us became infertile which took away the chance of forming our own family. Many also had sexually transmitted disease which took away the chance of being in love with somebody. When we were trying to figure how to continue our lives, we had to find something to depend on to forget our pain. Because we had lost our families, friends, and homes, only drugs could help us to cease the pain. Numbers of us eventually became drug addicts and fell into a deep, dark hole.
The humiliation we had from not being able to protect our bodies followed us lifelong. We always lived under the fear of being insulted and stigmatized anywhere in the world. It felt like somebody would find our past out and bring us to the edge of the cliff. We hid ourselves under the darkest part of the world, so no one could notice. We were outcasted from society because we didn’t know how to fit in, or we were too afraid to fit in. Depression and insomnia always came back whenever we looked at the scars that were through our chests and stomachs. We wish there was somebody who could taught us how to live through this world before we lost ourselves in pain.
Majority of Comfort Women victims were not officially recorded because they didn’t want to reveal themselves. However, we don’t know if they even had strengths to fight for their lives. Many of them may had lost the long fight and left to find the peace in another world that knows no pain. And sadly, we can only wish their happiness now.